Q: I feel so anxious and worried all the time, like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. I can’t even sleep when the baby is sleeping! Could I have Postpartum Depression?

A: Yes. PPD tends to be a very agitated depression and can present in various ways with symptoms of both anxiety and depression. Being worried all the time and extreme fatigue are common symptoms of PPD. Please contact your health care provider and speak with a loved one about how you are feeling. Call Dallas Postpartum Support. We know exactly how to help.

Q: I’m having scary thoughts about bad things happening to my baby. I worry I will hurt him. I know I never would, I don’t want to tell anyone, am I crazy?

A. Scary thoughts are a common symptom of PPD/PPA. The fact that you are upset by them is a good sign- because they go against your belief system and values. Scary thoughts tend to come in the form of negative things happening to you or your baby. You might obsess over thoughts or pictures that replay in your mind. If you feel like keeping these thoughts to yourself, don’t. This is the time to get some help and process through what you are thinking.

Q. Isn’t this supposed to be the happiest time of my life? This isn’t what I expected.

Precious parent, I know. I hear that a lot. Sometimes our dreams of parenthood are a bit different than our realities. We all have a few bad days here and there, but if you add PPD/PPA on top of normal parenthood stresses, you will be robbed of this special time. You deserve to be your best self during this amazing journey. Reclaim the joy you deserve. Call us today.

Recovery is a phone call away, please contact Kim Kertsburg, LCSW today.